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Costa Rican Loans offers costa rica mortgages and loans secured by mortgages on Costa Rica Real Estate. Private money, or hard money loans, at low interest rates is our specialty. We require no income verification!

We have direct channels to investment funds in New York, California and Panama. Many others that you apply with will send their packages to us! So, apply online and save money!
So, Apply Online and Save Money!

We are Mortgage Brokers that work closely with private investors to offer the following programs:

Costa Rica Mortgages and Costa Rica Mortgage infoEquity Loans - These are loans that allow you to utilize the equity in your home for whatever purpose that you wish. These are interest only loans where the interest rates vary between 10 to 15 percent per year in dollars, with a term of one to five years.  Our commissions vary from 2 to 6 percent.

We lend up to $1,500,000 on single family residences with a conservative loan to value (LTV) of  less than 50% and have much better rates for large commercial projects or developments. Contact Us for more information!

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Costa Rica mortgages for purchasePurchase Loans - If you wish to purchase property in Costa Rica, but do not have enough cash, then you need a Costa Rica Mortgage purchase loan. The interest on these loans vary between 8 to 18 percent per year in dollars with a term of one to five years. We charge 2 to 6 percent point fees plus the registration and lawyer fees (1.5 %). Longer tems are negotiable for low low to value deals. We lend up to $250,000 with a conservative loan to value (LTV) of  less than 50% of the purchase price. First deeds of trust only.

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Costa Rica Construction LoansCosta Rica Construction Loans and Development Loans - If you already own land in Costa Rica and are looking for a loan to build on that land, then you need a construction loan. The construction loan program lends money in increments based on a mutually-agreed-upon-schedule as the project advances. These are custom-tailored loans that take all of the current and future equity factors into consideration.

The rates and terms vary as well depending on the size of the project and the loans needed. We also entertain partner buyout loans. This program accepts applications for loan amounts between $50,000 and $5,000,000. The fees vary between 2 to 10% and interest rates vary between 8% and 18 percent per year depending on the term and situation. 

We welcome Costa Rica developers to apply for bridge loans to help them complete their project. We have private, fast, painless money available starting at 15% per year for large developments that are in construction and even better rates for those projects that are completed. We pride ourselves on confidentiality and due diligence.

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Custom Loans - If you have equity in Costan Rica Real Estate and are looking for a loan not listed above, contact us for a custom designed loan to fit your needs. Contact Us for More Information.

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